Collection: Gwisg Ysgol/School Uniforms

Welcome to the collection of embroidered school jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts, and book bags, each proudly featuring your school’s logo. These high-quality garments are designed for comfort, durability, and style, ensuring that your child looks smart and feels great throughout the school day.

The cozy jumpers and cardigans provide warmth and comfort while maintaining a polished appearance. Each piece is crafted from soft, durable fabrics and is embroidered with your school’s distinctive logo, ensuring your child stands out with pride.

Polo Shirts are perfect for everyday wear, these polo shirts are made from breathable materials to keep your child comfortable and cool. The embroidered school logo adds a touch of class and school spirit to these versatile shirts.

Book Bags keep your child’s books, homework, and school supplies organised with these sturdy book bags, each featuring the school logo. Designed for functionality and durability, these bags are perfect for carrying everything your child needs for a successful school day.

By ordering embroidered school apparel and accessories from Made on the street, you’re not only providing your child with quality items but also supporting your local school community. For every item ordered, 10% of the proceeds will go back to the school, helping to fund important resources, programs and trips.

Together, we can make a difference in supporting small local schools and enriching the educational experience for all students.

Join us in celebrating school spirit and supporting education by ordering your school-branded items today!

If you would like your local school to take advantage of this give back scheme, please do not hesitate to reach out at